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10% of gross profits are invested in S.T.E.M. initiatives across West Africa.


Access to great healthcare, a high quality education and an opportunity that provides the means for children and youth to thrive is what Africa needs to make a bold new leap into the future. Good education means that young people will have a chance to explore their talents, realize their potential through job opportunities and provide stability for individuals to live progressive lives.

As a technology professional and child of Ghanaian parents, I identify closely with the values and passion of Lucy Quist. Her vision of a Bold New Normal in Africa through the promotion of STEM, is a philosophy I’m very excited about. As a consultant who has built a progress career as a project manager and business analyst, I have seen first hand how a career in technology can have a positive impact on one’s life and we are committed to championing for the importance of STEM in Africa’s progress towards lasting systemic change.